About Me


What’s it like living with Dementia?  I get asked this all the time and it is so hard to answer because everyone is different. I try to explain my thoughts so maybe you can begin to understand this disease. I started this journal to leave something behind when I can no longer crusade for Dementia awareness.

Understand that I am not an author. As you read my journal understand that I was diagnosed with Dementia in 2004 and my spelling and grammar may not be correct, but I wanted this to reflect my progression along the way.

I hope to describe my love of life and the fact that even if you were diagnosed with some form of Dementia, you can still live a happy fruitful life. We all wonder when to say goodbye and thank the people that supported us along the way. I have no idea when that time will come for me nor will I know when it is too late. For that reason I will say I love you and we will meet again.